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**Thursday – July 15th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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If you hit an 11:00am class this July, you are likely to meet this fine fellow! Chris, we are happy to have you anytime you’re working in the playhouse district!


Warm-up (No Measure)

3 minute erg (easy, steady, hard)

10 situp and reach

10 updog and windmill

10 spiderman high/low

5 minutes to mobilize any personal issues.


5 rounds, Cal, Run, Cal (5 Rounds for time)

5 rounds, each for time, rest 3 minutes between rounds:

15/12 calorie row, ski or bike

400m run

15/12 calorie
Round times should not exceed 4 minutes. Adjust calories and/or run distance to accommodate. Attempt to improve you scores from May 20th.


Double Under Conditioning (AMRAP – Reps)

Pick a number that you believe you can consistently hit if you fully recover between attempts. Perform 10 rounds successfully hitting your number unbroken. If you mess up, recover fully and continue. Perform no more than 15 attempts.
If you are repeating this and becoming more consistent, start structuring your rest, decreasing it an increasing your set size as you start completing all rounds without errors.


**Wednesday – July 14th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Babies and barbells!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

10 kettlebell swing

5 kettlebell windmill R/L

10 alternating lunge

5 single arm kettlebell strict press R/L

15 PVC passthrough

10 scap pullup

3×10 second handstand hold

10 kip

10 handstand pushup (half ROM)


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute AMRAP:

20 jumping lunge

15 kettlebell swing 53/35

10 handstand pushup

5 bar muscle up (10 strict dip)


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

2 rounds, each for reps:

1 minute AMRAP GHD situp

1 minute rest

1 minute AMRAP rope climb

2 minute rest


**Tuesday – July 13th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Up and over, get those barbells on your backs!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Bear crawl down

Walking lunge back

High kick, floor touch


5 I-T-Y raise

5 snow angel

With a PVC pipe:

5 down and finish

5 elbows high and outside

5 high hang muscle snatch

5 power snatch balance

5 hang power snatch

Spend 4 minutes on your overhead mobility (keg stretch, banded lat stretch, GHD archover…)


Power Snatch (10×5)

10 minutes OTM:

5 power snatch

*Build for the first 5 rounds and keep a difficult weight for the final 5 minutes.


Metcon (Time)

4 rounds for time:

30 double under (60 singles or 30 seconds with your rope)

10 burpee pullup

30 double under

20 back squat 135/95#


**Monday – July 12th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Light weight baby!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

1 minute row

10 box step up

5 single arm dumbbell strict press

15 banded good morning

10 crossover 90/90 raise and press

15 pvc passthrough

10 squat and reach

10 pvc push jerk


Push Jerk (5×5)

5 superset rounds on a 3 minute clock:

5 tempo front squat (3 seconds down, fast up)

5 push jerk

*If possible, use the same weight for the front squat and the push jerk. Start at difficult but doable weight for the push jerk, build to a very heavy weight for 5.


Christine (Time)

3 Rounds for time:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts, bodyweight
21 Box Jumps, 20″


**Sunday – July 11th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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They just keep coming! Welcome to CrossFit CLE Jamie!


Floor Press (5×5)

5 rounds on a 2 minute clock:

5 floor press


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

10 minute AMRAP:

20 wall ball shot 20/14# to 10/9′

20 alternating front rack lunge 95/65#

200m run

Rest 3 min

10 minute AMRAP:

20 wall ball shot

20 GHD sit-up

200m run


**Saturday – July 10th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Get that barbell back overhead!

Partner MetCon

P1: Metcon (Weight)

10 minutes to hit a max for the complex:

Power clean

2 front squat

*Score is your combined total weight from your heaviest lifts.

P2: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

At 15 minutes on the clock, start Part 2:

10 minute AMRAP:

Station 1:

10 overhead squat 135/95#

15 pullup

*Perform as an AMRAP until your partner returns from the run.

Station 2:

400m run

*Both athletes are working at all times.
Your score is the number of reps completed plus 10 reps for each completed 400m run.


**Friday – July 9th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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New faces all the time! Super excited that Max brought you in to join us Tal! Welcome to CrossFit CLE!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

10 air squat

5 pushup

5 ring row

10 PVC passthrough

10 Y raise

2 minute keg stretch or banded lat stretch

10 Y raises

10 PVC passthrough

With barbell:

3 down and finish

3 elbows high and outside

3 high hang muscle snatch

3 power snatch balance

3 snatch balance

3 hang power snatch

3 hang snatch


Power Snatch (1RM)

30 minutes to establish a 1RM for both the power snatch and the snatch

Snatch (1RM)


Metcon (Time)

For time: *7 minute cap


Box over 24/20″

Toes to bar

Push press 115/80#


**Thursday – July 8th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Another new face showing the effort! Welcome to CLE Tom!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

1 minute erg

5 sumo foldover

10 pvc passthrough

10 lunge and twist

2 minute couch stretch

2 minute back roll

20 banded hamstring lockout R/L


7x 90 seconds for calories (7 Rounds for calories)

7×90 seconds for calories, rest 2 minutes between efforts


Metcon (No Measure)

3 minutes light on your erg

5 minutes stretching your major working muscles for today