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Maintenance Monday

Welcome to Maintenance Monday!
This is a weekly video segment addressing mobility and movement.
This weeks video is geared towards ankle range and its role in squats and pistols.


Monday – January 9th

“Filthy 50″
For time:
50 box hop 24/20”
50 jumping pull-up
50 kettlebell swing #35/26
50 walking lunge steps
50 knees to elbow
50 push press #45/35
50 back extension
50 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′
50 burpee
50 double under

Last Chance

Hi Everybody!

Luke here. I wanted to throw the link to the CrossFit CLE survey out one more time and ask everyone take a few minutes to fill it out (if you haven’t already). I received a few questions about the survey and I wanted to address them. The survey will close Today, January 8th at 9pm. You can go back and edit your answers if you have already submitted and want to make changes or updates. We’re looking for feedback and constructive criticism; we want to keep doing what everyone likes, and in turn, we want to fix anything you may feel needs work.

Once the survey is closed, I will summarize and anonymize the data, and provide it to the head coaches by the Saturday, January 14th. Each question will be summarized individually (ex. total number of people attending a certain class time or total number of people in a certain age range, but the two will not be related to one another). The coaches will meet to discuss the feedback and toward the end of January/beginning of February, we will have a gym get-together and address any questions and concerns.

If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!




Sunday – January 8

Pete finished his power cleans and went right into his recovery by taking a nap.

10am – WOD
11am – WOD

20 minutes to find 1RM power clean and split jerk

20 minutes alternating OTM:
Row 200m/150m
1 power clean + 2 split jerks at 65% of 1RM


Saturday – January 7th

Mr. Mickey has the best face when he’s pulling heavy weights!

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Guest WOD

Partner WOD:
“Cranked up 13.1″
12 minute AMRAP:
40 burpee to 6” touch
30 snatch #75/45
30 burpee
30 snatch #135/75
20 burpee
30 snatch #165/100
10 burpee
Snatch #210/120

-Rest 5 minutes

Then for time:
Start where you finished the 12 minutes and work your way back up through the weights and reps to finish with the lightest bar and 40 burpees .

*One athlete works while one athlete rests. Burpees must be completed in sets of 5 alternating between athletes, snatches may be split as desired. “Snatch” in this workout refers to a category of movement, power snatches and muscle snatches are allowed and advised at the lighter weights.


Friday – January 6th

Take a page out of Stephen’s book, and fight for a few extra reps today!

Open 14.4
14 minute AMRAP:
60 calorie row
50 toes to bar
40 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′
30 power clean #135/95
20 muscle up

Post WOD at 20 minutes on the clock:
For time:
50 ring pushup with feet on #45 plate
Rest 1 minute
30 hand release pushup with feet on #45 plate
Rest 1 minute
10 clapping pushup with feet on #45 plate
*Scale to 30-20-10, or reduce the difficulty as needed. This should not be easy. Focus should be on doing good quality repetitions.



Thursdays Thoughts

Are your feet doing well, or just trudging along?

We tend to just throw shoes on our feet and forget about the incredible work load that we are actually asking them to do. We don’t appreciate their phenomenal capabilities, and we wait until some part of the lower leg sustains an injury before we give our feet the time of day. Let’s change that!

Below is a link to a lengthy, but good article about our awesome feet!



Thursday – January 5th

Say hello to Brandon! He just recently joined our community, and you might see him around moving some serious weight!

7 superset rounds on a 2 minute clock:
5 strict pullup (add weight if needed)
30 second handstand hold (work on finding balance)

4 rounds:
3 minutes at 25-30 SPM
2 minutes at 30-35 SPM
1 minute over 35 SPM
* Work on keeping consistent power output through each work period.