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CrossFit – Thu, Mar 30

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

We suffer together at CLE!


2 rounds:

5 burpees

Jog Down

Backpedal back

10 K-squat

15 pvc passthrough

10 press in snatch

1 minute each:

Staff stretch R/L

Lunge and passthrough

Spiderman and reach

Situp and reach

Windmill (30 sec R/L)

5 minutes for personal mobility


Do half of the calories you plan on holding in the MetCon at you planned working pace.


12×25/20 calorie erg (12 Rounds for time)

12 rounds each for time, rest 1 minute between efforts:
25/20 calorie erg
*Can be done all on one erg or you may choose to rotate through as many as 4 ergs.
*1-11-23 repeat


2 minute very light erg

1 minute Seated forward fold

30 second Samson’s stretch R/L

30 second Child’s pose

30 second doorway stretch R/L


CrossFit – Wed, Mar 29

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Up and under!


2 minutes on your erg (bring it out and set it up for the workout)

10 situp and reach (short holds)

5 press to up dog

10 air squats

5 up dog and reach

With a PVC:

10 K-squat

15 passthrough

10 down and finish

10 high hang clean

Review and run 15 medball cleans to practice technique.


MetCon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute AMRAP:

5+5 medball clean 20/14#

20 abmat situp

200m row or equivalent

*Rx+ for GHD situps.

Post Metcon Accessory

4 supersets on a 3 minute clock:

7 good morning

7 bent over barbell row

7 slow pushup

Good Mornings (4×7)

Bent Over Row (4×7)

Push-ups (4×7)

Perform the slowest reps you can in both directions.


CrossFit – Tue, Mar 28

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Coming out on top!


3 rounds of 30 seconds stations:

Box step up/ box hop

Spiderman/ Low/ Windmill

PVC passthrough/Around the world/In an active squat

5 pushup

10 second plank (very active hollow)

5 yoga inchwork

10 glute bridge

10 alternating crossover

10 lunge and passthrough

5 dumbbell windmill R/L

Select your dumbbells for the MetCon

Warmup to a higher box hop and try out some shoot throughs


12 minutes alternating OTM:

5-10 parallete shoot through (<20 seconds of work)
10 box hop (30-40 seconds of effort)

Shoot Throughs (6x 5-10)

5-10 parallete shoot through (<20 seconds of work)

Box Jumps (6×10)

10 box hop(30-40 seconds of effort). Use a box height that you can move onto safely and quickly while pushing your jumping limits.


MetCon (Time)

4 rounds for time:

20 box step over 20/18″ carrying 35/20# dumbbell set

15 burpee dumbbell deadlift

10 double dumbbell squat


CrossFit – Mon, Mar 27

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Thanks to all your help, we now have a gym floor that is big and clean enough for classes! We will see you at 1200 E 49th from here on out!



5 superset rounds, on a 3 minute clock:

5 sumo deadlift 60-70% of your 1RM conventional deadlift

5-15 V-up (perform a single, unbroken set each round)

Sumo Deadlift (5×5)

60-70% of your 1RM conventional deadlift

V-up (5×5-15)

perform a single, unbroken set each round.


Time to christen the new gym with a sweat filled 15 minute AMRAP!

MetCon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

15 minute AMRAP:

10 single arm shoulder to overhead R/L

15 kettlebell swing 53/35#

20 air squat
It is intended that you will use the same kettlebell you swing for yourshoulder to overheads. If needed, you may use a second kettlebell or a dumbbell.


CrossFit – Sun, Mar 26

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

You all rock!

Moving Day

Thank you so much for showing up and helping us tear down and move 90% of our gym in just a few short hours! We’ve got more work to do and would greatly appreciate your help again tomorrow as we move everything into our new home at 1200 E 49th!


CrossFit – Sat, Mar 25

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Teamwork makes the dream work! Let’s test our fitness doing some real work!

Moving Day

Please come join us from 8am – 12pm and help us pack up and move to our new home!


CrossFit – Fri, Mar 24

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

twenty-two eighteen

fifteen years of workouts here

bittersweet our exit


5 burpee

10 pvc passthrough

10 spiderman windmill

5 burpee

5 around the world each way

10 sumo foldover slides (down one leg, slide across, up the other)

10 pvc passthrough

5 K-squat (3 second holds)

30 second R/L hanging lat stretch

5 forward and backward arm circles

2 wall climb (5-10 second hold)

1 minute of cranky elbow stretch

5 barbell deadlift

Hang clean/power clean into 5 front


5 minute to do some mobility and then set up and warmup your movments.


One last workout in the gym you all call CLE!24 minutes for the date, 2218 our address, 3×5=15 for the years spent here. So many memories of success and suffering within these walls.

The Last Hurrah (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

24 minute AMRAP on a 40/20 clock:

22/18 calorie erg

5 deadlift 165/110#

5 front squat

5 wall climb


CrossFit – Thu, Mar 23

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Bust out your erg of choice and let’s move some air!


2 minute erg

5 yoga inchworm + windmill

10 scorpion

10 crossover

10 spiderman

30 seconds slap hugs

10 backward and forward arm circles

5 minutes for mobility


5 time shifting rounds (Distance)

5 rounds, for total distance:

Erg for 50 seconds, rest 10 seconds

Erg for 40 seconds, rest 20 seconds

Erg for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds

Erg for 20 seconds, rest 40 seconds

Erg for 10 seconds, rest 50 seconds
*1-19-23 repeat.

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