Wednesday – January 8th


Wednesday – January 8th

We’ve got some new faces in our ranks! Remember to introduce yourself to Emily when you see her in the gym.

Gymnastics Skill/Strength:
4 rounds, not for time:
5-10 strict pullup (large but not maximal set, banded or ring row)
4 candlestick roll into pistols (per side) or 8 into a regular squat.

6x500m row, rest 2 minutes between efforts
*Attempt to maintain your split times or cut slight improvement, keep in mind that 2 minutes of rest will not feel like a full recovery and the same effort will feel progressively more daunting.

Walk it off! Don’t plop on the ground… get up and walk around for a few minutes until the burning subsides
2 minutes of sit and reach
1 minute each side in half pigeon