**Wednesday – February 16th**


**Wednesday – February 16th**

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Time to bend some barbells!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds:

1 minute erg or run

30 seconds jumping spiderman

30 seconds air squat

30 seconds PVC passthrough

30 seconds strict press, push press, push jerk

1 minute cranky elbow stretch

1 minute couch stretch R/L

2 minute thoracic spine and lat roll


Into Darkness (Time)

For time: *15 minute cap

1k/800m row

10 power clean 135/95#

10 front squat

750/600m row

10 power clean

10 front squat

500/400m row

10 power clean

10 front squat

250/200m row
*Use weight that allows you to front squat unbroken each round.


Clean and Jerk (10 minutes to establish a 1RM)

50 Burpee February

50 Burpee February – Day 16 (10 Rounds for time)

5 rounds for time, 30 seconds of rest between rounds:

10 burpee dumbbell snatch 50/35#

*Each burpee is followed by a single dumbbell snatch. Alternate the arm you are doing you snatch with every rep.