Tuesday – September 10th


Tuesday – September 10th

Getting in early to socialize and do some pre-class mobility is always encouraged! But, remember once class starts you should be signed in, you should have introduced yourself to anyone you don’t know and you should be ready to get some kick ass fitness in!

4 rounds on a 4 minute clock:
Turkish getup to 5 strict presses (1L/1R)
5-10 strict pullup
*Strict press Turkish getup, each rep begins from the floor, when fully standing complete 5 kettlebell strict press before descending. This should be done with weight that can be strict pressed well. It should be challenging, but still well executed

7 minute AMRAP:
5 power clean and jerk 135/95#
20/15 calorie row
50 double under (100 single under)

200m walk
20 slow good mornings with a PVC pipe