Tuesday – July 30th


Tuesday – July 30th

Get ready to experience an encounter of the DUMBBELL kind!

7 rounds on a 90 second clock:
3 – 1½ front squats
*These are performed as a full depth descent into a squat. From there rise to a half way between parallel and full standing, then sink back into a full squat before standing to complete your rep. Start at around 60% of your 1RM and build up through the 7 sets. Don’t fail any sets but struggle significantly on your final 3 sets.

14 minute AMRAP:
2 rounds:
10 pullup
25 foot walking lunge 50/35# (2 dumbbells)
10 lateral burpee over dumbbell
25 foot walking lunge

Immediately into:
2 rounds:
10 devil press (double dumbbell snatch)
20 Abmat situp
*if you complete both 2 round segments, go back to the beginning and begin the first segment again. Continue this till the time runs out.

500m row at 20 s/m
Spend 10 minutes rolling our out your nasty bits!