Thursdays Thoughts – Dumbbells in The Open


Thursdays Thoughts – Dumbbells in The Open

The Open is just two weeks away! The CrossFit Games coordinators have officially announced that there will be dumbells in The Open! So what does that mean to us? Well, that much we don’t quite know. I’ve compiled a list, and video, of what I consider to be most probable dumbbell movements to challenge us this year.

Single arm snatch
Double arm ground to overhead (snatch style)
Double arm ground to overhead (clean and jerk style)
Double arm power clean/clean
Front squat
Shoulder to overhead (push press/push jerk)
Burpee + ground to overhead combo
Box step up
Walking lunge (overhead double, shouldered double, farmer’s carry double)

Each of these movements has been included because they meet certain criteria that will make them relatively easy to judge. Also, they are all strong correlates to their barbell counterparts and several of them have been in past Regionals/Games workouts. That being said, one of my favorite slogans on the competitive side of CrossFit, specifically the 2009 CrossFit Games where dumbbells were first introduced (30 push press reps in the middle of a 20+ minute chipper), is that athletes must prepare for the unknown and the unknowable. They could pick almost any movement and this list is in no way complete! These are simply the movements that I think are more likely to be chosen and I would suggest you concentrate your efforts here first. But, no one is telling your to stop there! The more you “play” with these new toys, the better prepared you will be for whatever pops out of the hopper.

-Coach Phil-