Thursday Thoughts – In The Open 17.1


Thursday Thoughts – In The Open 17.1

Well, a rocky start for the CrossFit Games web team gave several people a second chance to get on board with this years Open. The website now seems to work, and week one is finally in the books! We had 65 people sign up for The Open, and 64 scores were submitted for 17.1. Pete Wade is currently dealing with a back issue and we hope he makes a speedy and full recovery!

I must say, I am tremendously proud of everyone who took on 17.1, regardless of whether or not you signed up for The Open. You guys proved your mettle! You fought through a tough test of both mental and physical conditioning and hopefully learned something about how hard you can push! This week will present another test that is sure to challenge us both mentally and physically. I for one am excited to see what barriers you guys will break down to expand your limits as CrossFit athletes!

It must also be said, “THANK YOU!”. Thank you to ALL of you for being such an important part of this process. This does not work if we do not volunteer to judge and subsequently push one another through these tests! As a community of like minded individuals you all have made us proud! And, a special thanks goes to those of you who helped judge workouts on Friday, Sunday, Monday and even Tuesday! Thank you for giving that extra time to help your fellow CrossFitter complete this first challenge! You guys are all what makes CrossFit CLE something special and separates it the general fitness market.

This coming week, CrossFit should have their internet affairs in order. This means that the deadline for entering scores will be Monday at 8PM! So, when you complete 17.2 ENTER YOUR SCORE! Don’t wait until the last minute! Get it up early so we can deal with any issues that might arise before the window closes!

-Coach Phil-