Thursday Thoughts – Goals


Thursday Thoughts – Goals

Goals. We’ve all got them, right? Well, maybe thinking we want to do something isn’t enough. Setting concrete goals is an absolute must if we want to get the most out of your training or anything in life for that matter! So let’s go ahead and get started with setting some goals.

1. Be Realistic:
Be real with yourself. Set goals that you believe are attainable, then create your path to achieve them.

2. Be Specific:
Specify EXACTLY what you want to achieve! To work directly towards something, you have to know what that something is.

3. Write Them Down:
Put it on paper! Goals that are just floating around in our brains are very malleable. They are too easy to change or lose sight of. Writing down a goal helps to make it more concrete and sets the first step of accountability.

Now that you’ve written down these things that you want to achieve, how do you get there? What is the key to success? I don’t have an answer to that. Each person is different. We lead different lives that force us to hold different priorities. Our paths may all be different, but there are some things that all of us can and should do to help stay on a path towards the goals that we’ve set.

1. Be Accountable:
This is your goal! Writing it down is the first step of accountability. Telling someone who can help keep you pushing towards it is another. But really it’s on YOU. YOU must prioritize this goal into your daily life and hold YOURSELF accountable for achieving it.

2. Practice Daily and Focus on the Process:
What will get you there? A small step forward each and every day. Success takes time and practice. Each day, you need to ask yourself, “What can I do to make _______ a reality?”. Answer that question, then DO IT! Focusing on the greater picture and how far you have to go can discourage your pursuit. Focus on what you can and should do here and now to reach that peak eventually. Large successes must be built on many small achievements along the way.

3. Measure Your Progress:
A goal that is far off can be hard to keep in the viewfinder. Measuring your progress helps you to see that you are moving in the right direction. Getting 100 unbroken double unders is one big success, but getting 50, 75, 90 unbroken doubles are all important successes along the path to 100. Get there one success at a time and celebrate these achievements.

4. Be Positive:
ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING! Doing hard work is, well, hard! Maintaining a positive attitude has a tremendous effect on how you approach and perform the work leading you towards your goals. Try to see the glass as half full and enjoy both the successes and failures of the process. Not every day will be full of glorious PRs, and each failure provides an opportunity to learn about your limitations and your potential. Put your heart and soul into the effort and trust that eventually your effort will pay off. “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” -Michael Jordan

5. Ask for Help:
You’ve got coaches and athletes all around you who have been where you are. Ask for guidance when you need it. Be prepared to listen to what they say and remember, you are still responsible for doing the hard work along the way.

Hopefully this helps you to create a list of goals that you can and will achieve! Don’t be afraid to fail, and remember that your big victory at the finish is not possible without some failures and many days of hard work.

-Coach Phil-