**Thursday – September 9th**


**Thursday – September 9th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Happy to introduce another newer member. Welcome to CrossFit CLE Hooks!


Warm-up (No Measure)

High knees down

Butt kicks back

Tip toe

Heel walk

Stiff leg bear crawl

Over/under the hurdle (half and half)

Knee hug into Samson’s lunge

Spiderman crawl

1 minute kettlebell calf smash R/L

1 minute banded crossover stretch R/L

1 minute banded hip opening lunge stretch R/L


4x400m run/200m sprint (8 Rounds for time)


4 rounds, each effort for time:

400m run

2 minute rest

200m sprint

1 minute rest
*Run your 400m at a pace that you would be able to sustain for more than a mile. This will be necessary to allow you to continue recovering from the 200m sprints.

**Last programmed 7/22/2021.


Metcon (3 Rounds for weight)

3 rounds, rest as needed between rounds:

6 double dumbbell alternating lunges (farmers carry style)

6 double dumbbell power clean

6 double dumbbell alternating lunges (dumbbells on shoulders)

6 double dumbbell strict press
*Complete as an unbroken complex. Start light enough that you will be able to increase weight each round. Score is the combined weight of your dumbbell set from each round.