**Thursday – September 6th**


**Thursday – September 6th**

Many of you have already bumped into Abby. She was out with a foot injury, but she’s back and trying really hard to find a happy place!

10 rounds on a 90 second clock:
2 pause clean >60% of 1RM
* Pause for 3 seconds below the knee on the first rep, and 3 seconds above the knee on the second rep. Perform as quick singles.

15 minute AMRAP:
3 bar muscle up (5 strict pullup)
9 kettlebell swing 53/35#
Single arm kettlebell overhead walking lunge 50’ (25’L/ 25’R)
*Optional- Wear a weight vest

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  1. Peter

    Thanks to Crossit CLE for being so welcoming to drop-ins. Good people who get after it hard with no judgement, just improvement. Exceptional coaching too.