Thursday – September 5th


Thursday – September 5th

Working against some heavy loads.

12 minutes OTM:
5 pullup
3 toes to bar
1 bar muscle up
*This is intended to be a smooth continuous set. Scale the pullups and toes to bar numbers if needed. If you cannot do a bar muscle up, substitute 2 hip to bar kips (video coming on Improvement Imminent Instagram). If you can’t do these movements without scaling then alternate movements OTM. 5 pullups on minute 1, 5 toes to bar on minute 2, 10 kips on minute 3.

For time:
30/24 calorie row
40 wallball shot 20/14# to a 10/9’
30 power snatch 75/55#
40 wallball shot
30/24 calorie row

3 minutes of light rowing
Spend 5 minutes rolling out glutes and hamstrings