Thursday – November 7th


Thursday – November 7th

“I’ll take that!”

7×3 deadlift build to a heavy touch and go, controlled triple.

7 rounds attempting to work at slightly higher than moderated intensity and finish each round in 2:00-2:30
5 strict pullup (single set of reps)
10 alternating overhead lunge 45/35# (smooth and focused on upright spine position)
15 pushup (elbows close, 1-2 sets)
20 air squat (fluid with good ROM and control)
25 double under (50 single unders or 25 seconds of works tops!)
*This workout is meant to be focused on pacing and better movement practices. Discuss scaling with your coaches so you can do the proper amount of work.

Post WOD:
Spend 10 minutes static stretching