**Thursday – June 3rd**


**Thursday – June 3rd**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Watching all this hard work makes me sleepy!


Warm-up (No Measure)

Pick drill:

10 legs only

10 legs and lean

10 lean and pull

10 full strokes

Spiderman crawl down

high kick and floor touch back

Repeat the pick drill

spend 5 minutes working on personal mobility needs


6x500m row, ski or 1k bike, rest 2 minutes between efforts (6 Rounds for time)

*Pace to maintain or improve splits. Optimal execution will keep all 6 efforts inside a 2 second range and the final effort will be a maximal one!


Metcon (Weight)

4-6 rounds, rest as needed between sets:

2 elbows high and outside

2 high hang power snatch 2 second pauses in your catch

2 snatch balance

2 high hang snatch 2 second pauses in your catch
This is drill work for technique. Work light (don’t exceed 40% of your 1RM snatch or power snatch) and work on cleaning up the little things.