Thursday – June 20th


Thursday – June 20th

If your overhead position is a bit sticky, make sure you get in early to put some work into loosening up those stiff shoulders!

5 rounds:
5 snatch drop
5 low hang to finish pulls
5 high hang snatch
*Start with just the bar and increase load while focussing on timing and positioning.

This workout is intended to be completed with a single movement from the list. Thus, it requires a bit of pacing as the rep total will be significant. If you have issues of injury type pain consider using a different movement to continue rather than forcing injury.

12 minute AMRAP:
Choose from the list below:
GHD situp
Calorie ski
Toes to bar
Abmat situp
*At the call of go and every 90 seconds until 12 minutes, complete 10 kettlebell swing 53/35#