Thursday – July 11th


Thursday – July 11th

Putting some weight on the bar! Welcome to CLE Anthony

Using a set of Kettlebells:
Perform 6 sets on a 2 minute clock:
Lunge and hold an active position and perform 3 strict presses. Alternate legs and perform another 3 reps.

Complete all 6 rounds for time:
3 rounds: *7 minute cap
15 deadlift 185/125#
15 bar facing burpee

Rest until 7 minutes then begin…

3 rounds: *7 minute cap
3 rope climb
15 shoulder to overhead 115/80#
*each part of this workout has a 7 minute cap. After 7 minutes they must move on to part B, at 14 minutes the workout ends.

100 meter walk then foam roll glutes, hamstrings, and lower back.