Thursday – February 9th


Thursday – February 9th

Tonight after the Live Open Announcement at 8:00pm, Jeremy Pomerantz and Jenny Grose will be going head to head on 17.3! Bring food and drink and let’s cheer them on as they face the unknown!

**There will be no 7:30pm class. The Open Announcement coverage should begin around 7:30pm with the workout announced at 8:00pm. Festivities should wrap up around 9:00pm.**

14 minute alternating OTM:
Difficult set of strict muscle up strict pullup or pullup negatives
20-30 seconds working a handstand hold (without wall contact is the goal) or handstand walking

15 minute AMRAP:
25 wall ball shot #20/14 to 10/9′
10 burpee box over 24×30/20×30″
25 kettlebell swing #53/35