**Thursday – August 2nd**


**Thursday – August 2nd**

**NO OPEN GYM FROM 8:30-11:00AM**

Scaling movements and working controlled drills is a crucial step on the path to gaining new skills! Don’t see it as a negative. It’s only negative if you make it so. It’s a chance to learn and improve. Only YOU can control your mindset, thus only YOU can control your path towards success!

15 minutes building the components of a strict muscle up
Work strict pullups and strict dips, accumulate 30 reps of muscle up transition drills and or strict muscle ups

For time:
30 wallball shot 20/14# to 10/9’
Muscle snatch 75/55#
*30 double under to finish each round (30 seconds of work with jump rope)
Then finish with:
30 wallball shot