**Thursday – August 1st **


**Thursday – August 1st **

So many barbells!

7 rounds on a 2 minute clock:
3 push press
2 push jerk
*Start at around 70% of your 1RM push press (Established June 24th) and ascend through the sets. Focus on technique and timing as the weight increases rather then just trying to put on more load.

For time: *10 minute cap
20 power clean 135/95#
60 toes to bar
20 power clean
*To finish in the 10 minute window, be sure to scale toes to bar appropriately and use a weight on the power cleans that allows you to open up with sets of 5 or more when fresh and continue with very quick singles when fatigued!

300m row at 20 s/m using hip swing and arm pull only. NO LEG DRIVE.
Spend some time stretching forearms