The February Double Under Challenge


The February Double Under Challenge

February is here and that means that the Open is just 22 days away! Your coaches at CrossFit CLE have been working hard this past year to help you become a better athlete and be ready for the challenges ahead. We want to see each and every one of you perform your absolute best in the coming CrossFit Games Open.

But, let’s be real. Some movments just don’t come easily when you do them once a week in a workout. They will require extra time and deliberate practice to master. Today I’m talking specifically about DOUBLE UNDERS! Double unders have been in the Open each and every year since 2011, and were I a betting man, I’d put every dime I own on them appearing in the 2017 Open!

The road to double unders can be frustrating and painful, but it is a road that cannot be avoided! There is but one way to get this skill. PRACTICE!

Coach Luke has set up CrossFit CLE with our first Monthly Challenge!  Check out the post on our instagram page and join The February Double Under Challenge to push yourself to get a little better every day!