Sunday – May 14th


Sunday – May 14th

Hadi, Nick and Alejandro fought through their final minute of work and put their dumbbells overhead as many times as they could!

11am – WOD
12pm – WOD

Happy Mother’s Day!

EMOTM x 7 Min 165/115
Perform One Bear Complex
Power Clean
Front squat
Push Press
Back Squat
BTN Push Press

5 Rounds for Time:
7 Medball Clean to Thruster 20/14
7 Burpees
200 ft Farmers Carry 70/53
17 Sit-ups

Parter Mile
Alternate running 200m with Medball 20/14.
After each 200m, complete 10 air squats with medball (so everyone will have their own medball).

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  1. Vanessa Votypka

    Why is the Sunday class time changed when the website still says 10 and 11? Can members get more advanced notice if times are changing? With it being Mother’s Day, many people have plans already. I had planned my day around the 10am class and now I won’t get to come in because of this. Absolutely unacceptable to change on a whim for no reason.