**Sunday – December 30th**


**Sunday – December 30th**

Doors open at 8:45am, read the description below for more details.

Like all workouts (especially “Hero” wods) this is completely scalable. We can work with you to make this appropriate for each athlete. It is a tough, long, mental slog. The question is not “Can you do it?”. The question is “Will you do it?”

Because the workout is long (think somewhere in the 60-90 minute range), we are going to have a different format this week. The gym will be open at 0845 a.m. Coach Steve will have a warm up planned for you, but you may start this workout anytime up until 11a.m. No one will be allowed to start after this time. If you want to make sure you are enjoying this workout with someone, call your CFBF (CrossFit best friend) and make sure they are there to join you.

For Time:
1,000 box step-ups 20” while wearing a 45 pound pack.
*If you have a backpack or weight vest bring it.