Sunday – April 9th


Sunday – April 9th

Standing up a front squat after a 3 second pause is no joke! Mike was pushing pretty hard to get 3 good reps on his last set!

10am – WOD
11am – WOD

Part 1:
12 minutes alternating OTM:
4 behind the neck press (ascending weight)
8 glute ham raises

Part 2:
8 minutes OTM:
2 Curtis P’s #115/80
*1 Curtis P:
Power clean
A lunge on each leg
A push press

Part 3:
“A Climb With Annie”
For Time:
Reps of
Wall climb
Double under
Abmat sit-up

**Each round starts with a set of wall climbs. So the first round is:
5 wall climb
50 double under
50 sit-up
Then the second round:
4 wall climb
40 double under
40 sit-up
And so on…