Sunday – April 30th


Sunday – April 30th

Happy birthday Randy and Iva! In a year we will have 2 more of these burpees to do!

11am – WOD
12am – WOD

15 Minutes to establish a 5RM back squat
*No more than 5 attempts once done warming up. Challenge yourself ascending.

Followed by:
8 Minutes to complete 2×5 back squat at 90%

3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 barbell thruster #45/35
12 ring dip

Post WOD:
3 rounds, not for time:
20 second heavy kettlebell overhead hold
Weighted GHD situp #26 or 18/18 or 13
30 second handstand hold
*Warm up to a heavy kettlebell hold.
**Rest between rounds as needed.