**Saturday – June 11th**


**Saturday – June 11th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Don’t have a partner? We’ll find you one!

Partner MetCon

P1: Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20 minute AMRAP:



Kettlebell swing 53/35#

10 forward lunge

10 backward lunge

*1 works while 1 rests on the pushups and kettlebell swings. Both athletes must do the 20 lunges each round.

**Rx + if you load the lunges.

P2: Metcon (Distance)

At 30 minutes on the clock start a 7 minute AMRAP:

Station 1: Hold a high plank

Station 2: Row meters

*Switch stations as desired. A plank must be held for rowing to occur.