**Saturday – January 27th**


**Saturday – January 27th**

Puking is not the goal of any of our workouts. The goal is always to push yourself as hard as you possibly can, extending your athletic reach by breaking down your own mental and physical barriers. Sometimes this struggle for progress takes you past what your stomach can handle. Megan pushed her limits on Fridays workout and went on to visit Pukie. Megan, we applaud the discomfort you willingly put yourself through!

9am – WOD
10am – Open Gym/CLE Barbell Club
11am – Bring a Friend!

Partner WOD:
For time:
100 bar facing burpee
100 thruster #95/65

Then, 4 rounds:
40 kettlebell swing #53/35
20 hang power clean #95/65

50 bar facing burpee
50 thruster
*Pairs may split the work as desired, one working while one resting.
**Dave Castro announced 18.0, a mock Open workout. In this workout he outlined a new burpee standard where the athlete must move both feet simultaneously on their decent to the floor and their rise from the floor. We encourage you all to work on this new burpee standard to better prepare yourself for the CrossFit Games Open!