Saturday – August 26th


Saturday – August 26th

Remember that time that we went to Edgewater Park and pushed around some trucks? Well, we will be meeting in the parking lot near the new pavilion, seen in this photo, at 9am. We won’t be pushing trucks, but we will be throwing around some sandbags and having a good time!

After the workout, we will be playing a game of ultimate frisbee led by the frisbee master himself, Coach Josh! Please, help us have fun! We plan to follow a piece of advice from the CrossFit playbook: “Regularly learn and play new sports.” and we will be teaching anyone who is new to ultimate how to play.

Hope to see a bunch of you guys come out and have some fun!

PS. Weather looks great, but it will probably be a bit on the cooler side when we get started with our warmup. We encourage everyone to bring a jacket and a water bottle.