Phyt For Function with Nick Sanders


Phyt For Function with Nick Sanders

Say “hello” to Nick Sanders. Nick is the owner and operator of Phyt For Function LLC.. PHYT For Function LLC. is “Physical Therapy specializing in movement training for pain reduction and prevention. We blend Physical Therapy, manual therapy, Integrative Dry Needling, pain science education, and a knowledge of fitness to offer a unique training system designed to help you function.”

We are happy to have Nick coming up to CLE one Thursday a month to treat you guys. He is very good at what he does, and I (Coach Phil) swear by him! He’s helped me recover nagging injuries and fix joint positions and mechanics to be able to continue training pain free! If you are having trouble with movements or joints then Nick is your guy!

On Thursday May 18th, Nick will be available for 30 minute treatment windows starting at 4:00pm. A 30 minute window will cost 50$. Trust me, it is well worth it!

There is a sign up sheet below the i-Pad in the gym. If you cannot make it in to sign up, comment on the Facebook post, and we will pen you in!