Monday – August 17th (At Home)


Monday – August 17th (At Home)

Unfortunately I’m experiencing some technical difficulties and can’t publish a video today. But here is the training if you can’t make it to CLE.

3 rounds:
5 single arm strict press (each side)
7 goodmorning
9 situp and reach (no pause)

5 bent over I-T-Y with light plates
20 pvc passthrough
5 windmill each side

Triple Death By:
1 handstand pushup or pike pushup (if you project you will make it past 12 minutes using a kip, then do this strict)
10 meter run (set your 10m course by taking 10 decently large steps and marking where you started and finished. If you are a shorter athlete (under 5’6”) then take 11 or 12 steps, this should be somewhere close to 10 meters)
4 situp
*Each death by is started as soon as the one prior is failed… there are no free minutes.