Monday – April 29th


Monday – April 29th

Gotta keep that game face on when the real struggle kicks in!

Video – Check out the Imminent Imminent Instagram!

10 minutes OTM:
5 press in snatch
*Start with a barbell and ascend in load if possible

For time:
100 bar facing burpee (2018 Open standards)
*Each minute you must perform a set of power cleans starting at 1 and following linear progression until you complete the 100 burpees or fail to complete a burpee because you’ve been overrun by power cleans. If you are slower at bar facing burpees, choose the lighter end of the weight range. Perform power cleans using 30-40% of your clean max.

**We did this a February 20th. We’ve decreased the load on the barbell, hopefully that allows more of you to finish it. You will see this again.