Improvement Imminent


Improvement Imminent

00:00 – Intro
05:00 – Monday
09:05 – Tuesday
00:00 – Wednesday
06:13 – Thursday
10:10 – Friday
00:00 – Saturday

Monday – May 4th
For time:
Hang power clean
Front rack lunge

Tuesday – May 5th
4 rounds:
Every 2 minutes:
30 second handstand hold (scale to a pike with or without elevated feet as needed)
20 second L-sit

21 minutes alternating OTM
10 burpee (30-45 seconds of work)
10 power snatch (7L/7R dumbbell/kettlebell) (less than 30 seconds of work)
30-50 double under/ line hop (less than 40 seconds of work)

Wednesday – May 6th
Death by:
3 v-up/lemon squeeze

10 minutes of 10-15 pushups OTM

Death by:
3 squat jump

Thursday – May 7th
For time:
800m run
rest 3 minutes
1 mile run
rest 3 minutes
800m run

Friday – May 8th
4 rounds, rest as needed between rounds:
10 x 6 second pistol (3 second descent, 3 second ascent, alternate legs and scale as needed)
10 plank pull through

100 burpees for time
*At the start of the workout and every 2 minutes complete: 7 ground to overhead with your plate or other implement.

Saturday – May 9th
Go find yourself a pullup bar/ something to do pullups on or use a couple ropes or straps to create substitutes for rings so you can do rows.

The workout is 10 rounds:
Max set of pullups or rows
1 minute hard run
*Rest 1 minute between rounds
**Cary your phone or a wear a watch so you can time the turn around on your run.