Friday – May 26th


Friday – May 26th

Jody’s “I’m about to cry face” is spot on for these L-hangs!

15 minutes to establish a max for the complex:
Power clean
Hang clean
Front squat
Split jerk

2×5 minute AMRAPs, rest 1 minute between:
2 ring dip
2 kettlebell snatch #53/35
2 pistol
4 ring dip
4 kettlebell snatch
4 pistol
6 ring dip
6 kettlebell snatch
6 pistol

*Kettle bell snatches must be performed evenly between arms. The switch must happen after half the reps are completed.
**Pistols are alternating as usual.
***After the 1 minute rest period, pick up where you left off and continue to ascend in reps.