Friday – March 3rd


Friday – March 3rd

Sam sporting his new AARPWOD shirt! We are proud to support advanced fitness for every age group! Keep it up AARPWOD members!

17.2 Open prep day
*If you need to perform 17.2 today, please show up early, warm up, and do your best to set yourself up with a judge.

Wrist and forearm
Lat and shoulder

Movement Practice:
Dumbbell power clean

2.5k row
*Goal is to increase your stroke rate each 500m segment while keeping the overall pace the same. Should be holding your target pace for a 5k timed row.
500m at 1:45 pace 22 s/m
500m at 1:45 pace 23 s/m
500m at 1:45 pace 24 s/m
500m at 1:45 pace 25 s/m
500m at 1:45 pace 26 s/m
*These are Coach Phil’s stroke rates and pace. Each of you should be holding numbers that correlate with your 5k pacing. Start at a lower stroke rate than you would usually hold, and end at a faster one. My 5k is 1:45 pace at an average of 24 strokes per minute.