**Friday – March 25th**


**Friday – March 25th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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Can’t leave those dumbbells sitting any longer!


Warm-up (No Measure)

2 rounds on a 30 second clock:

Air squat

Ring row

PVC passthrough

Good morning

Lunge stretch (twist, Samson’s)

5 dips (easier version than you plan for the weightlifting)

5 prone snow angel

10 banded hamstring lockout R/L

5 dips

1 minute doorway stretch


7 superset rounds on a 2 minute clock:

5 deadlift

5-10 dip

Deadlift (7×5)

*Work from 60% up and hit a heavy but controlled set of 5.

Dips (7×5-10)

*Work a single controlled set.


Metcon (8 Rounds for reps)

16 minutes Alternating OTM:

Double dumbbell complex:

5 power clean

10 alternating lunge step (held at shoulders)

5 shoulder to overhead

Single set of pullup (done by 20 seconds OTC)
*Pick dumbbell set to be challenging but always completed as an unbroken set. Pullups should be short and sweet. Rx+ for chest to bar