**Friday – August 27th**


**Friday – August 27th**

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

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You’ll find Brittany crushing the 5:30pm classes. Let’s keep adding to that pool of new faces!


Warm-up (No Measure)

High knees down

Butt kicks back

High kick and floor touch

Samson’s stretch back (quick flow)

10 dumbbell strict press R/L

10 windmill R/L

20 banded knee lockouts (in a goodmorning with a band from the rig)

1 minute banded hip opener

1 minute banded lat stretch R/L


Deadlift (4×10)

4 superset rounds on a 4 minute clock:

10 deadlift 50%+

Strict handstand pushup or strict dip (work to 80+% exertion, leave 1-2 good reps undone)


Metcon (3 Rounds for reps)

3×4 minute AMRAP, rest 1 minute between:

10 heavy dumbbell snatch (bump up 10-15# from your normal DB snatch weight)

15 v-up

20 wall ball shot 20/14# to 10/9′