Friday – August 25th


Friday – August 25th

Reena, Jody and young Simone getting in some quality gym time. Turns out rowers put babies to sleep!

“The First Helen”
3 rounds for time:
400m run
21 kettlebell swing #53/35
12 pullup

-Rest 1/2 of your time, then repeat.

*The first posting of “Helen” was June 22nd of 2003. It was posted not as we know it today, but with the added instructions to rest and then repeat off the clock. Just over 13 years have passed since Helen’s first appearance, and today we are going to do a variation of the original. The rest will be structured and the repeat round will also be for time. As was noted on the original post: “You’ll see this workout again.”

**Last programmed 6-30-2016.