CrossFit – Wed, Sep 6


CrossFit – Wed, Sep 6

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

A whole lot of hopping!


2 minute erg/400m run

10 spiderman burpee

10 Samson’s stretch

15 band passthrough

10 band good morning

1 minute pigeon R/L

20 banded hamstring lockout R/L

1 minute banded lat stretch R/L

3 wall climb and hold (5 seconds)


7 rounds alternating OTM:

Handstand drill (15-30 second handstand practice (biased towards handstand walk, hold, shoulder taps))

Work specified time or reps at handstand drill/skill

Double-Unders (30 seconds of double under (max reps if you are proficient))


Christine (Time)

3 rounds for time of:

500-m row

12 bodyweight deadlifts

21 box jumps, 20-in. box