CrossFit – Wed, Oct 5


CrossFit – Wed, Oct 5

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Your best lift is only as good as your setup!


High knees down

Butt kicks back

Lateral slide down and back


Stiff leg bear crawl

15 pvc passthrough

10 press in snatch

10 Cossack’s squat

20 elephant trunks

Burgener Warmup:

5 down and finish

5 high pull

5 high hang muscle snatch

3 power snatch balance

3 snatch balance

5 hang power snatch

5 low hang snatch

5 around the world each way

3 minute foam roll thoracic spine and lats


Snatch Complex (Broken) (Start light and add once you warm up and achieve good patterns. End heavy, >75% of your 1RM.)

Perform each rep/movement focusing on the quality of your movement. Each time the barbell is put on the floor, reset before starting the next lift.
10 rounds on a 90 second clock:

2 power snatch

1 snatch

*Perform the power snatches as 2 touch and go reps, and reset for a single snatch.


This workout should be more time running than anything else. Pace your runs so that you will always do your 5 (Heavy) overhead squats unbroken and then do 5 fast burpees.

Metcon (Time)

7 rounds for time:

200m run

5 overhead squat (use the heaviest weight that you reached in the Snatch complex)

5 bar facing burpee