CrossFit – Wed, May 3


CrossFit – Wed, May 3

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Happy Birthday Iva and Randy! May you continue to bring burpees our way for many years to come!


3 minute erg

2 rounds:

10 situp and reach

8 lunge and stretch

6 Cossack squat

15 pvc passthrough

10 good morning

10 shoulder to overhead

10 back squat

10 low + high Spiderman


Two birthdays, one workout. It’s gonna be doozy though!

Prime Time to Split the Difference (Time)

2 rounds for time:

10 shoulder to overhead 1/2 bodyweight

20 back squat

30 pullup

40 deadlift

50/40 calorie row

60 second flutter kick

65 double under (90 second work window)

*You must complete 59 lateral burpees over your barbell during this workout, you may spread these burpees out as you desire.
Rx+ if you do all 59 burpees in a single block!