CrossFit – Wed, Mar 8


CrossFit – Wed, Mar 8

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Never had such a good time!


5 pushup

10 alternating lunge

Jog down andback pedal back

5 burpee

10 air squat

Jog down and back pedal back

10 spiderman to pigeon

10 weightless windmill

10 narrow stance air squat

20 elephant trunk

10 scap pullup

20 seconds of slap hugs

10 kip

5 forward and backward arm circles

2×5 kip into pullup (or set up and start working banded pullups)

5 minutes to warm up into your pistols


14 minutes alternating OTM:

Kipping pullup 15-20 seconds of work

Pistol 20-40 seconds of work

Pull-ups (7x 15-20 seconds of work)

Break into sets as needed.

Pistols (7x 20-40 seconds of work)

Work an appropriate volume and intensity to repeat for 7 rounds.


MetCon (AMRAP – Reps)

4 rounds on a Tabata timer:

2x med ball clean

2x V-up

2x dumbbell push press 50/35# set