CrossFit – Wed, Feb 22


CrossFit – Wed, Feb 22

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

burpee then pullup
gravity the giant looms
effort defies it


5 pushup

10 air squat

Jog down

Walking lunge / lunge stretch back

10 sumo foldover

10 spiderman (low and windmill)

10 pvc passthrough

5 k-squat with a press in snatch

5 around the world in an active squat

10 overhead squat

1 minute couch stretch R/L

10 ring row

30 second supinated grip hang


5 supersets on a 3 minute clock:

8 alternating back rack lunge (from the rig)

10 band pull apart supinated grip

Back Rack Lunge


Burpees with a pullup. Somehow a great thing just got a little better!

MetCon (Time)

For time:


Burpee pullup on bar 6″ out of standing reach

Over head squat 95/65#

*Rx+ for a heavier barbell.