CrossFit – Wed, Dec 28


CrossFit – Wed, Dec 28

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Let’s wish these two a happy birthday as they end their 40th trip around the Sun!Congratulations Josh and Jeremy!


5 burpee

Jog down

Backpedal back

5 burpee

Lateral slide down and back

5 yoga inchworm

10 alternating crossover

10 jumping spiderman

10 slow air squat (short hold in the bottom)

5 I-T-Y raise

30 seconds forward and backward arm circles

5 snow angel

30 second hanging lat stretch R/L

1 minute of cranky elbows

3 reps each:

Down and finish

High pull

High hang muscle snatch

Overhead squat

Power snatch


40 years since 1982! Let’s get moving and crush some burpees for those Lavelle brothers!

Fraternal Twins (2 Rounds for time)

2 rounds, each for time:

Round 1:

19 Power Snatch 115/85#

40 Lateral Burpee

82/64 Cals on Ski

Rest 1:00

Round 2:

19 Power Clean 115/85#

40 Push up

82/64 Cals on Bike
Rx+ for a heavier barbell.