CrossFit – Tue, Nov 22


CrossFit – Tue, Nov 22

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Position is power! In this case it’s the power to control. Stack those bars and roll smooth reps through each set.


2 rounds, 30 second station:

Air squat/Overhead squat

Passthrough/Around the world

Situp and reach

Hang/ Scap pullup and kip

10 spiderman windmill

5 k-squat (3 second hold)

5 crossover snow angels

1 minute doorway stretch

5 big backward and forward circles

2 minutes on a foam roller: keg stretch and lat smash

5 reps each with a barbell:

Down and finish

High pull

Hang power clean

Push jerk

5 minutes to warm up into your PC+J load


5 touch and go power clean and jerk on the minute! This one gets much more spicy in the back half. Choose your weight wisely. If you’ve got a prior score (repeat from 9-9-22) then increase weight if you have noted that you are able.

10×5 touch and go power clean and jerk OTM (Weight)

This is meant to be done as a barbell cycling piece with only touch and go reps. Choose a load that allows this for ALL 10 ROUNDS. Suggested starting point is 55% of your 1RM clean and jerk.
9-9-22 repeat.


60 overhead squats and 60 pullups. Weight used is meant to allow you to do all the overhead squats unbroken. This will be much more difficult on the back end! Scale and break up those pullups to allow yourself to recover enough to not have to break the overhead squats more than once in any round. Ideally your time will stay under 10 minutes.

MetCon (Time)

For time:


Overhead squat 50% of your 1RM overhead squat


*Rx+ for chest to bar pullup