CrossFit – Tue, Jun 27


CrossFit – Tue, Jun 27

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Hang on!


2 minute erg or 400m run

10 sumo foldover

10 box step up (tall box)

10 squat and reach

10 box hop (low to normal)

10 banded goodmorning

10 straight leg dead bug

10 Crossover R/L

10 Spiderman to pigeon

4 way wrist stretch

1 minute couch stretch

5 minutes for you own mobility


WOD (Weight)

For time:

30 -20-10

Burpee box up (hop or step) 20/24″

Ab mat situp

Kettlebell swing UNBROKEN as heavy as possible

*Score is you kettlebell weight. Must go unbroken to get the Rx!
**Rx+ for GHD situps.

Post WOD Accessory

3 supersets rest 3 minutes between:

15 band pull apart supinated grip

30 band tricep press down