CrossFit – Tue, Jan 3


CrossFit – Tue, Jan 3

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

An over the top option if you’ve got the chops!


High knees

Butt kicks

Bear crawl

Lunge stretch

15 pvc passthrough

5 K-squat (3 sec holds)

5 around the world each way

Burgener style warmup:

5 down and finish

5 high pull

5 high hang muscle snatch

5 hang muscle snatch

5 muscle snatch (mid shin)

5 hang power snatch

4 alternating lunge

1 minute of pigeon R/L

1 minute banded hip opener R/L

10 sec hang

5 scap pullup

5 kip to pullup

1 wall climb with 10 second hold at top


Technique, control and balance!. Take it slow and work on how you move more than how fast you move.

Barbell Lunge Complex (Weight)

Every 90 seconds for 10 rounds:

Lunge complex:

Muscle snatch

Hang power snatch

4 alternating overhead lunge

*Start with moderate weight that allows you towarmup and work on technique, finish heavy.


13 minutes isn’t going to be enough time for everyone, but it should be enough for plenty! Push your transitions, keep your movements flowing and we will see if you can get it all done!

MetCon (Time)

For time: *13 minute cap

2 wall climb

20 pullup

2 wall climb

40 pistol

2 wall climb

60 deadlift (most max from the lifting complex)

2 wall climb

80 double under

2 wall climb

*Rx+ for 25′ handstand walk sub for wall climbs.