CrossFit – Tue, Aug 8


CrossFit – Tue, Aug 8

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Happy birthday Coach Jenny!


2 minute erg

10 Spiderman burpee

15 pvc passthrough

10 K-squat

20 90/90 hip switch

5 reps each:

Down and finish

High pull

Hang power clean

Low hang clean

Clean pull

Around the worlds each way

2 minutes of cranky elbows or other front rack stretch

Warm up into 70% of your power clean max to start the complex


10 sets on a 90 second clock:

Clean Complex (Clean pull
Power clean

Perform as singles with quick reset between movements. Work between 70-90% of your 1RM power clean, make sure you properly warm up your movement.


MetCon (Time)

For time:

34 toes to bar

34 burpee to a 6″ touch

34 handstand pushup

34 burpee to a 6″ touch

34 toes to bar