CrossFit – Thu, Sep 28


CrossFit – Thu, Sep 28

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit


2 minute erg

High knees down

Butt kicks back

Lateral slide down and back

High kick floor touch

Samson’s / Lunge and twist stretch

10 Spiderman to pigeon

Spend some time on personal mobility then set up your erg rotation and recording system


Trinado (5 Rounds for calories)

5 rounds for calories:

1 minute Row

30 second rest

1 minute Ski

30 second rest

1 minute Bike

2 minute rest

*Work at a pace that you think you will be able to maintain. Ideally you would hold calorie counts for the first 4 rounds and push for a little increase the last round if you’ve got it left in the tank.