CrossFit – Thu, Nov 3


CrossFit – Thu, Nov 3

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

“Chad” is coming on November 11th! Get those legs and your mind prepared.


2 minute erg

Knee hug to Samson’s stretch down

10 sumo foldover

Spiderman crawl back

15 pvc passthrough

5 long hold good morning (fold in then pull the knees back to increase lower hamstring stretch)

10 weightless windmill

10 box step up (work on smooth alternating pattern)

1 minute elevated pigeon pose R/L

7 minutes for personal mobility and gear set up


14 minutes of step ups.┬áMuch less than you will see on the 11th, but it’s an opportunity to move quick step ups with an elevated heart rate!

Erg with Extra Steps (7 Rounds for reps)

7 rounds for reps, rest 1 minute between rounds:

1 minute Erg for calories

2 minute box step up carrying weight (set height and weight for more than 15 steps per minute)

*Scored as calorie and step total. Record each round.
4-14-2022 repeat.