CrossFit – Sat, Nov 26


CrossFit – Sat, Nov 26

Crossfit Cle – CrossFit

Bring a partner who is ready to do some work!

Partner MetCon

So many options! You can really make this one work a hundred different ways! Make a plan and get to work, it’s gonna be a bit of doing, but you two will get it done!

Partner MetCon (Time)

For time with a partner:

100 burpee deadlift 50/35# dumbbell set

200 box over 24/20″

300 situp

500m single arm overhead dumbbell carry (synchronized work, 1 dumbbell per person)

*Split work as desired, 1 works while 1 rests (except on the carry). Partition as desired, this may include breaking up the carry into several smaller rounds, but you still must carry in synch. Rx+ if you complete the workout unpartitioned and carry 500m outside!